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Product advantages

●Adopt the engine of national famous brand, with strong power, reliable work, high efficiency and energy saving. (The engine can be optional: Dongfanghong, Yuchai, Yunnai, Quanchai)

●Strengthened cast steel wheelside reducer axle, four wheelside reducer drive, thickened and pressed rims of superior steel; wide base engineering off-road tyres 16/70-20 are adopted, with large traction, small grip ratio pressure and strong climbing ability.

● European-style streamlined double-roof cab with new steel structure, equipped with audio, wide field of vision, vibration and noise reduction, mechanical suspension damping seat in line with ergonomics, and can be retrofitted with heating and cooling air conditioning according to users' needs.

The whole vehicle structure is treated with advanced anti-rust treatment at home and abroad, such as pickling, phosphating and shot blasting, etc., and it is painted with domestic famous engineering paint. The fully enclosed heat dissipation system effectively reduces the oil temperature of the engine and hydraulic system and improves the service life of the whole machine.

●High lifting force, automatic leveling of high level discharge, shortening the action time of the working device, improving the operating efficiency of the machine.

●Clamp disc brake, high braking efficiency.

●Finite element analysis is applied to the frame structure, and the structure of the working force parts is enhanced in terms of stiffness and strength.

The transmission parts are arranged separately and the fuel tank has a movable link function, which is convenient for maintenance.

Main technical parameters
Technical parametersDX930
Rated loading mass(kg)2000
Rated bucket capacity ( m³)1.2
Min. turning radius( mm)4500
Unloading height(mm)3500
Unloading distance(mm)850
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)5950x 2150 X 2920
Engine model4108
Rated power(kw)60
Rated speed(r/min)2200
Overall weight(kg)5200


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