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Extra High Strength Steel was used in the manufacturing process to increase durability while reducing weight to improve excavator performance.
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Quick Coupler Technical Data:
Overall LengthMm388534-545600765924-944983-10501006-1173
Overall HeightMm246307310388492574558-610
Overall WidthMm175258-263270-280353-436449-483543-568606-663
Pin to Pin Center DistanceMm80-150230-270290-360380-420460-480473-540550-620
Forearm Open WidthMm80-140155-170180-200232-315306-340375-411416-469
Retractable Distance of Oil CylinderMm170-206205-275340-450340-486256-390413-590520-590
Top to Bottom Pin DistanceMm159195195220275300360
Pin DiameterMm25-4045-5050-5560-7070-8080-9090-120
Working PressureKg/cm40-38040-38040-38040-38040-38040-38040-380
Required Oil FlowL/min10.0-20.010.0-20.010.0-20.010.0-20.010.0-20.010.0-20.010.0-20.0
Suitable ExcavatorTon1.5-44.0-7.05.0-8.09.0-19.017.0-23.023.0-30.033.0-45.0
***Quick coupler is an ideal tool to mount various attachments on the excavators with easy and speedy. thanks to the advanced safety technology and user-friendly mechanism, it allows you more convenient and reliable in work conditions.***


1. When compared to direct mount, the Pterosaur coupler can save you 25% of the total machine operating time.

2. The operator can change attachments for the safety and comfort of their cab.

3. A smaller design means a larger tip radius, which increases breakout force.

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